About Mark Mancini

Hi, I'm Mark




I've been a consumer of STRs and a Real Estate investor for 2 decades.  I've been a STR owner for over a decade, building the most heavily booked and highest profitable homes in the area.  Now with our second home in the Florida Keys specializing in destination weddings, we are booking FEROCIOUSLY! 

Now I use my secrets and business acumen to show you how to have the same success that we've had in this industry.  Unlike other courseware, we will cover EVERYTHING, with a heavy emphasis on taxes, and running your STR like a REAL business!

What makes me an EXPERT?

Excellent question, answer - MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

  • I built an IT company from $0 and solid it to a publically-traded company
  • Innovative developer of STR cleaning app for maximizing the guest experience
  • Developed large scale lab-results patient portal for national companies
  • Goal-oriented, driven leader who wakes up at 5am each weekday to go to the gym 
  • Published in multiple papers and online articles